Online Casinos Australia Technically Doesn’t Have Any – But The Rest Of The World Will Take Aussie Customers

Australian flagIf you’re an Aussie resident a large portion of the world thinks you are very lucky. So why not try that luck in an online casino Australia has hundreds to choose from. Or so you would think if you googled it. The truth of the matter is, there are no Australian online casinos, let alone the best Australian online casino. There are however offshore casinos that take Aussie customers. It may seem like splitting hairs but this is all to do with a rather odd law that we’ll talk about a bit later. So how do you choose and which are the best online casinos Australia residents have available to them? Your first stop should be online reviews and forums they will give you the low down on quality, playability and reliability. Three casinos are consistently mentioned Ruby Fortune, Spin Palace and Jackpot City. These three seem to be voted as some of the best by most and it’s a lot to do with the welcome bonuses they offer. Ranging from $750-$1600 they are huge. But just giving away a large welcome bonus is not the only thing needed to qualify as a top online casino. All of these three have been around for a number of years and have built a reputation. Paying out on time, a great selection of games, and several ways to deposit and withdraw all go to make them popular. The sites are easy to use, customer support friendly and useful and they all use top notch software.

So What’s The Best Aussie Friendly Casino?

The one that pays out the most! And the one you can get to right? But seriously though payout tables should be available for every game you play online and are a big part of deciding which one spend your hard earned cash with. But it has to be said that the position of best online casino Australia is a fluid one. Some get better some get worse. This month’s promo is better than last etc. So it is very hard to give one straight answer. Your own taste very much comes into play. For example if you love your pokies there are sites out there that concentrate on giving a huge selection with over 500 games. Software comes into play as well you may like the way Aristocrat run their games, or you may prefer Microgaming. The games played on both platforms are excellent just different. If it’s blackjack in its various forms another site might be the best for you. The point is that there are hundreds of reputable brands out there. It’s worthwhile to play at a few sites for free or a low deposit and find the ones for you. Stick with the tried and tested if you are new to the scene. A rogue casino soon gets a bad rep so don’t forget to do your homework. Never use an online casino that isn’t fully legal, they are guaranteed to be a rip off .

Top 7 Recommended Casinos
1 .$800 BONUS150+GAMES50+MOBILE97.11%PAYOUT.Read Review
2 .£100 BONUS280+GAMES100+MOBILE96.91%PAYOUT.Read Review
3 .$2,500 BONUS150+GAMES50+MOBILE97.11%PAYOUT.Read Review
4 .€200 BONUS200+GAMES100+MOBILE97.44%PAYOUT.Read Review
5 .$8,888 BONUS120+GAMES25+MOBILE98.61%PAYOUT.Read Review
6 .£100 BONUS120+GAMES56+MOBILE>95%PAYOUT.Read Review
7 .$1,000 BONUS200+GAMES50+MOBILE97.84%PAYOUT.Read Review

Reputation Is Key Australian Online Casinos Know This

In a world that is ever more connected bad press for a company can get out very fast. Reputations take a long time to build but can be destroyed in a very sort while. There is some much money to be made at a legitimate online casino that very few even bother to try and be crooked. The industry is now very established and it makes no sense for anybody to run a bent outfit. The expenditure needed to start in the business negates the point of a quick buck. The competition is so strong that any hint of wrong doing will cripple the reputation of a brand. So it really is important to look for a casino with a good track record. Yes of course there will be some sore losers having a moan on forums, but if there are many of the same type of comments then there is probably some truth in them. Any online casino for Australians that has been online for over 10 years is pretty much a safe bet.

A Nice Welcome But How Much Do They Want You To Stay

They all want you for sure but some put more effort into keeping you than others. Every single online casino in the world uses the welcome bonus. Some are crazy numbers. They all come with a catch, terms and conditions take the shine off real quick. But despite the wagering conditions if you look at the sensible ones they are OK. Don’t forget these are the shiny things to get you in. The real bonuses start when you use the online casino proper. Loyalty schemes are where you get something back without the crazy terms. The best casinos all use them in a very similar manner, comp points. These are actually redeemable for cash and some have seasonal promotions like at Christmas where they have mystery prizes up for grabs. If an Online casino is not prepared to reward a loyal customer then spend your money elsewhere. When you see a great promotion or bonus on offer check that it’s available to your area. The top sites are multi-national and some bonuses are not applicable to everyone. Geo-tagging is used by a lot with specific content for your area but not all do. It will not make you happy at all if you make a large deposit at a new casino to get a particularly juicy bonus, to then find it’s for Canadians only!

Play With Aussie Dollars If You Can

Being able to play with your own currency has to rank when searching for the best Australian online casino. When you have to deposit with American dollars or Euros you open yourself up for lots of hidden charges. Most banks will make a charge to send money in another currency. Then they will give you a terrible exchange rate. Not only that when you are making your bets you have to do a quick conversion. It’s quite easy to get caught up in the moment and make a mistake. Betting far more than you thought because you had a small glitch in your maths does not make for a happy gambler. Fortunately there are tons of sites that accept Australians and they like Aussie dollars as much as any money. Making the effort to accommodate different currencies goes a long way. It should also mean no issues when it comes to withdraw.

Found The Site Now How Do You Pay?

Any way you want should be available within reason. All the top notch online casinos have a multitude of methods available to deposit those dollars. MasterCard and Visa are obvious choices for a lot. Bank transfer is another. If you are not happy about giving your bank or card details to a casino the best have many other ways. Wire transfer is one way but third party accounts are gaining popularity. E- Wallets such as Neteller, Skrill, Click2pay and UKash. Sofort Banking, Przelewy24, Ecopayz are all being used a lot too in Australian online casinos, instant banking with Citadel and even prepaid cards are all accepted at the top ranked casinos. With so many online casinos to choose from, the method of financial transactions can be the defining part of your decision. Whichever method you choose to use to deposit cash to your new account, it is a wise move to keep it small to start with. You never know what problems there could be until you try to withdraw. This is another area where reputation is king. Check the forums if there are lots of disgruntled players complaining about getting their cash try another venue. A favorite tactic used to be to let you deposit with one method then not let you withdraw it the same way. Ask questions of the customer service this is something you should know about before you deposit.

Australian Online Gambling And The Law

For traditional land based casinos, licensing and legislation is handled by territory and state authorities. Aussies love to have a flutter and this has long been catered for in local casinos. With the explosion of internet based casinos the Australian government decided Federal law was required. In 2001 the Interactive Gaming Act was brought out. This act does not make it an offence for Australians to gamble at an online casino. It does however prohibit Australian based sites from offering an interactive gambling service to customers in Australia. It is a little confusing and seems a bit pointless but the reasons the government gave for the act on the face of it are well meant. They stated that the ever expanding availability of gambling services would aggravate instances of problem gambling. There were a lot of other statements that all basically said the same that it would increase the amount of gamblers in Australia and that would mean more problems. But gambling on sports via the internet no problem!
The whole law has kind of backfired. Instead of regulation, prohibition was chosen. But at no time has it been illegal for an Australian to gamble with a casino online. So all the law has done is push Aussies to off shore sites, with more of a chance of using unregulated casinos, thus opening them up to being ripped off. Not only that but regulation would of allowed the government to keep track of casinos and implement protocols that monitor betting patterns and behavior that can lead to problem gambling, and then offer help from one of the many organizations dedicated to addictions. Not to mention the millions of dollars in lost tax revenue. With this in mind it does seem that lawmakers are rethinking their strategy. Only time will tell if the law changes but let’s hope common sense prevails.

But If Australia Has No Online Casinos – How Do You Know It’s Legit?

All reputable casinos that take on board Australian customers will be licensed and regulated by one of the world’s governing bodies. Some are much better than others. The first licensing authority was Antigua and Barbuda, and at the beginning they had a good reputation. That unfortunately has gone by the wayside. It is almost impossible to get a reply from them and their procedures are not transparent. They have casinos still on their books that have been proved to be cheats. The next big no no is Curacao they issue licenses to anyone with the cash. No vetting, no complaints procedure they basically issue business licenses. The best online casino sites Australia has available are registered with Malta or Gibraltar. Both authorities have very strict regulations and back them up. It may not be widely known about but both perform regular audits, and minor infractions of the regulations are quickly penalized. Major investigations do get carried out and casinos have lost their licenses. Both bodies have excellent channels of communication, and respond to queries quickly. There are other authorities, the Isle of Man, Alderney, and the Kahnawake Territory all have a good record. Being licensed doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t have problems, but unlicensed means you will.

What’s The Future For Australian Online Casinos?

The mobile world is growing ever larger and online casinos are having to play a little catch up. There are lots of casinos now offering mobile versions of their sites. The more forward thinking of them are creating their browser sites to be completely mobile friendly. Look for new additions that are coming online at an astonishing rate. Live dealer casinos are gaining popularity also these however are a major expense and at the moment only a few games are available. The thing all Australian gamblers should be pushing for is change in the law. Legalizing and regulating onshore Australian casinos would be the best thing for the industry and gamble public alike.